Tweeds litters

Litter with Passim Chance for Gold 5/10/16

Specials litter

Skyla (G5), Cider (G4), Rogue, Arkle, Billy (G6), Bond (G7), Reiss(G3), Bling (G7) and Ajay


Litter with Silver Innovator 3/12/17

Super litter

Styx (G7), Stitch, Zaya, Hattie (G7), Echo (G6), Teddy (G7) and Skye (G7)


Litter with Romanybay Morning Star 24/7/19

Summer litter

Blue, Revel, Raine, Envy, Mello(G3), Hijack (G4), Peggy (G5), Nimble (G4)


Litter with Chazak Wild Expectations 14/2/21

Sweet Valentine litter

Fuji, Ryda (G4), Rolo, Kara, Inka, Piper, Harris, Taran and Boycie


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