Dappled Dove at Aviary (Katy)

Image: blue merle brindle point border collie

Working Sheepdog

D.O.B. 12th April 2010

Blue merle and brindle point tri

BVA Hip scored 3:4 Elbows 0:0

DNA Tested: TNS 'normal', CEA/CH 'carrier', CL 'clear',

While looking for a black/white dog puppy from ISDS trial/working parents (not for us, for a friend!), we happened across a small, medium coated, un - registered, very heavily marked, blue eyed, tri merle bitch pup, out of un-tested parents. Now, I am not a merle fan! Especially dark/heavily patched ones. Nor do I like blue eyes, I like to personally know the immediate dogs behind a pup. I am very fussy about health tests.......

So, obviously, 'Katy' came to live with us!

Katyweasel was rather interesting to train! A real challenge, she was bred to be a sheepdog and she would be a very good one I think - she has a natural outrun - wide and flanking, lots of eye, and is very independant, she is very reactive, with a strong chase drive  - just a shame these are not at all helpful for agility training lol. Katy reached G5 but really didn't enjoy the atmosphere at shows, so we decided not to compete with her, it really doesn't matter to us!

She has bags of character that's for sure, and everyone loves her. When she is sure she knows you, she will love you too, she just has to be sure she knows you first!





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