jessicacoatesphotographyPhography Wedding | Portrait | Families

Jess is based in Nottinghamshire, she owns 2 Aviary Border Collies, Echo and Sol. She is very patient and has taken many litter pictures for us here, several of which are on the website!


PawsTrading Sell Dog Toy Treats Bedding Vetbed Toys and Agility Training Toys

Abee and Jack have Figment from us, their Pawstrading stand is very well known and popular at the shows, and their website keeps my dogs very well topped up with beds, treats and toys!


Samantha Cook Photography Weddings/Families/Portraits

Sam Is based in Milton Keynes, and is a very lovely, very patient, talented photographer! She has two Aviary Border Collies, Yogi and Harris, and takes some amazing studio photos.


Welcome to TuffStuff. YOUR NAME IN DOG LEADS.

Jacqui and Nige own Tuffstuff, very popular and well known at agility shows! Jacqui owns 3 Aviary's - Styx, Ryder and Shade - and we have very many of their leads and collars here!


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