Aviary Solitaire (Tyke)



Tassie X Sketch

BVA Hip scored 8:9

BVA elbow scored 0:0

DNA tested clear for CEA/CH, CL, IGS, MDR1, TNS, SN, BCG, DH/RS and EAOD

BVA eye exam - clear

Gonioscopy exam -1

DNA colour tested - KBky atat Bb DD EE - Tyke carries tan point and chocolate, he doesn't carry dilute or ee red (gold)

Tyke doing a 9foot long jump (Working trials)

Learning the 6ft scale (working trials)

Tyke is just about perfect for me :-)

He is intermediate for agility, and weighs around 16kgs. He has a super happy nature, a real 'Mr Serious' about everything - even having fun is serious to Tyke!
His temperament and work drive are both fantastic, his conformation is super, he really is everything I had hoped for from this combination. He is a real thinker, and has an awesome attention span, he's just a dream of a dog to live with, he is definitely a workaholic!

We have done quite a lot of  tracking and have passed the UK Tracking dog L1 test - the first in the UK to do so with no previous working trials qualifications :-)

He has done a couple (literally 2!) agility shows and is certainly very keen, free time is very rare so I can't get him to shows, which is a shame as he would've done very well I think.

Following some unaffected/Grade 0 Gonioscopy exams, his most recent gave him a G1. However, he was almost 11, and our eye specialist was very happy to say that this is perfectly normal for a dog of his age! 




Image: black and white border collie


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