Aviary Tootie Frootie (Piper)



Tweed x Theo

Sable Merle

BVA Hip scored 4:4

BVA clear eye exam and unaffected 0/0 Gonio (December 22)

DNA tested clear for CEA/CH, CL, IGS, MDR1, TNS, SN, BCG, DH/RS and EAOD

DNA Tested - m/Mh 270 (Tilia)

Colour tested at Laboklin - kyky ayat Bb Dd EmEm - Piper carries dilute, chocolate and tan point She is EmEm so will always produce a mask, she doesn't carry ee red (gold)

Tweed and Theo produced an amazingly stunning litter, with 4 beautiful girls, and Piper stayed here :-) 

Piper is very like Tweed, she is happy and full of enthusiasm - but she is very serious and focused - everything she does is serious to her, whatever she is doing gets 100% attention and effort!
She has lots of natural ability and talent, and is very keen on her training :-) 
She is very vocal and full on! Super to train with but she likes to take over if she can, she is always ready to do anything, but at the same time, she isn't easy as she certainly likes to do things her way, flat out and noisy!  So a lot of our training time is spent on learning to settle, to not get excited and to think before running fast! 

She is intermediate for agility and weighs just on 14kg





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