Aviary Tootie Frootie (Piper)



Tweed x Theo

Sable Merle

BVA Hip scored 4:4

BVA clear eye exam and unaffected 0/0 Gonio (December 22)

DNA tested clear for CEA/CH, CL, IGS, MDR1, TNS, SN, BCG, DH/RS and EAOD

DNA Tested - m/Mh 270 (Tilia)

Colour tested at Laboklin - kyky ayat Bb Dd EmEm - Piper carries dilute, chocolate and tan point She is EmEm so will always produce a mask, she doesn't carry ee red (gold)

Tweed and Theo produced an amazingly stunning litter, with 4 beautiful girls, and Piper stayed here :-) 

Piper is very like Tweed, she is happy and full of enthusiasm - but she is very serious and focused - everything she does is serious to her, whatever she is doing gets 100% attention and effort!
She has lots of natural ability and talent, and is very keen on her training :-) 
She is very vocal and full on! Super to train with but she likes to take over if she can, she is very much a 'doer' rather than a thinker, so lots of training time just spent on helping her engage her brain before her legs take over! 

She is intermediate for agility and weighs just on 14kg





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