Aviary Smoky Quartz (Tweedy)

Image: blue sable border collie

Tweed died, suddenly, on 28th Feb 2024, of a liver aneurysm.
Barely 9 half years old, so full of life and energy and happiness - her presence filled my house and her loss is a huge one, nothing will ever again be as light and bright as it was with her here.
I held her as tight as I could, but she slipped away.
My heart is forever broken.


Wren X Sketch

Blue sable

BVA Hip scored 4:4

DNA Tested: MDR1, IGS, CEA, BCG, DH/RS and SN - all clear

Genetically clear of TNS, CEA/CH and nCL

Eye tested 'clear' (CEA/PRA/PLL)

Goniodysgenesis clinical exam 21 09 15: Unaffected

DNA colour tested - kyky ayat BB dd Eme

This little dog really is a whirlwind! Tweed quickly earned the nickname 'Ginja ninja' - or Gingey for short! She stands about 47cm tall and weighs 14kgs.

She is always happy, excited and ready for anything, Wren puppies are known for their happy, exuberant natures, I can honestly say that Tweeds enthusiasm, energy and love of life is a total delight to share :-)  (If a little tiring sometimes!) 

I am pleased with how Tweed turned out, she is very biddable with  loads of work/play/toy drive, she is easy to train and loves to work as a partnership. She never gives up trying her best and truly just wants to please! She is the most loving dog ever, and doesn't have a mean thought in her head.

She reminds me very much in character and temperament of my beautiful, crazy little Tantan :-) She is completely bonkers and full on, but all she wants is to be a good girl and to please! 
She has been the most fantastic mother, so gentle, loving and patient when pups are tiny, and such a super balanced guide as they grow, teaching lovely manners but also how to play ginga style!! 
She is my idea of perfection.





Image: blue sable border collie

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