Aviary Smoky Quartz (Tweedy)

Image: blue sable border collie


Wren X Sketch

Blue sable

BVA Hip scored 4:4

DNA Tested: MDR1, IGS, CEA, BCG, DH/RS and SN - all clear

Genetically clear of TNS, CEA/CH and nCL

Eye tested 'clear' (CEA/PRA/PLL)

Goniodysgenesis clinical exam 21 09 15: Unaffected

DNA colour tested - kyky ayat BB dd Ee

This little dog really is a whirlwind! Tweed quickly earned the nickname 'Ginja ninja' - or Gingey for short!

Tweed isn't very big, she is about 47cm tall and weighs around 14kg.

She is always happy, excited and ready for anything, Wren puppies are known for their happy, exuberant natures, I can honestly say that Tweeds enthusiasm, energy and love of life is a total delight to share :-)  (If a little tiring sometimes!) 

I am pleased with how Tweed has turned out, she is very biddable with  loads of work/play/toy drive, she is easy to train and loves to work as a partnership. She never gives up trying her best and truly just wants to please! She is the most loving dog ever, and doesn't have a mean thought in her head.

As she has matured, she reminds me very much in character and temperament of my beautiful, crazy Tantan :-) 





Image: blue sable border collie

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