Aviary Winter Moon (Faith)



Tassie X Bruce

BVA Hip Scored 5:5

BVA clear eye exam and unaffected 0/0 Gonio (July 19)

DNA Tested - BCG and DH/RS - clear

Genetically clear of CEA/CH, nCL, IGS, MDR1, TNS and SN

DNA colour tested - KBKB ataw Bb DD Ee

Faith is a stunning young dog. She is so exciting to watch as she trains and is an amazingly talented agility dog for Becca. She is very intense and takes agility very seriously!  

Away from agility, she is loving and easy going, she has a good toy drive but is really very focussed on work too, she likes her toy as a reward but would prefer another turn to be honest!  She isn't particularly food driven, but she will happily perform tricks for treats if that's all that is being offered! 

She is quite big for our dogs, being about 53cm at the shoulder, and weighing about 17.5 kgs, but she is very feminine and so pretty. I am very pleased with her, her attitude and temperament are exactly what I want to produce. Not for the faint hearted but an amazing, capable dog for an experienced owner :-) 

Her first litter are flying through the grades, and all six look fabulous! 





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