Aviary Fizzy Mix (Inka)



Tweed x Theo

Black Tri

BVA Hip scored 3:3

BVA clear eye exam (1/9/23) and unaffected 0/0 Gonio (1/9/23)

DNA tested clear for CEA/CH, CL, IGS, MDR1, TNS, SN, BCG, DH/RS and EAOD

Colour tested - kyky atat Bb Dd EmEm - Inka carries dilute and chocolate. She is EmEm so will always produce a mask, she doesn't carry sable or ee red (gold)

Inka is a co-own and lives nearbye with our good friend Sarah and her family.

She is a super little girl, an amazing family dog and yet is so keen on her training, I think she is pretty much perfect!  She is intermediate for agility, and weighs just under 16kgs.

Inka is cheeky and funny, thoughtful and attentive, she grows more confident as she goes along and has already had a few wins in jumping classes! She is just a pleasure to have around.

I truly love her to bits and can't thank Sarah enough for making her the dog she is!





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