Sketch x Wren 07/07/13 - 'The' litter



Wren had 7 puppies - 2 sable girls, black girl, seal girl, blue boy, blue tri girl and black boy :-) 
We are really pleased with this litter, they are lovely looking, well made and have loads of drive, and yet are still super loving and cuddly at home! 


Aviary The Enchantress (Grace) - Black Shaded Sable Bitch

Grace lives with Lori and family, I think she has it all, looks, drive and brains, beautiful girl  :-)


Aviary The Temptation (Bree) - Black Shaded Sable Bitch

Bree lives with Ali and Gordon, and their dogs - most of them terriers! She is their first BC, although they have other dogs,. mainly terrier breeds :-)
Bree is currently G6 and looking very beautiful as well as talented! She measures intermediate for agility 


Aviary The Wild Wish (Blyss) - Black and White Bitch

Blyss lives with our good friend Carla and her dogs! Carla has BCs and a min poodle - all do agility :-)

Blyss is currently G6 and looking very promising!


Aviary the Dark Secret (Phoebe) - Seal and White Bitch

Phoebe lives on the Isle of Wight with Maggie and her three other collies, who all do/have done agility :-)

Phoebe is a little pocket rocket! Full of fun, she is doing very well for Maggie, winning out of G3 at her first KC show! Together they are flying up the grades and are already G6 :-)


Aviary the Bear Necessity (Yogi) - Blue and White Dog

Yogi is Sams first agility dog, and they are currently G5. Yogi is big and very powerful, I predict a bright future ahead for Sam and Yogi!
Yogi measures large for agility :-) 


Aviary the Supersonic (Delta) - Blue Tri Bitch

Delta lives with Sam and Ric, and their two Standard Schnauzers :-)

Delta is G5, she is also beautiful and I know Sam and Ric are delighted with her!


Aviary the Chieftain (Tico) - Black and White Dog

Tico lives with Susan and Alec. He has done agility with Alec, and obedience and rally with Susan! He is now a loved pet, and is leading a very varied life; he has even explored around Europe!
Tico would be large for agility


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