Kodi x Wren 05/11/10 - 'Fireworks' Litter



Wren had her puppies on 5th November, so fire/firework names seemed in order...:D

This litter is a combination of show and working lines, they  are all very nice dogs,with plenty of drive and keen to 'do', but also look pretty good too! Good temperaments were upmost in my mind when planning this litter, but good health, work drive and looks were high priorities too :-)

Aviary Bright Ember (Em)- Seal & White Bitch -

Em and Trev have had a lot of fun together! They have been to Olympia in the Novice Final, Em is G7, and would measure intermediate :-)


Aviary Fire Cracker (Buzz) - Seal & White Dog -

Buzz and Karen have done really well at UKA and KC shows, they have gone from G1 to G5 at KC, and work in Novice and Senior at UKA! 
Buzz is Intermediate height for agility


above photo by Ric Yates

Aviary Sky Rocket (Rocky) - Seal & White Dog

Rocky and Martin are really enjoying their agility and make a fantastic team - they started in G1 and are now G5 :-) They also have been to Olympia in the novice finals and looked great!
Rocky measures intermediate for agility :-)


Aviary Platinum Star (Bosley) - Blue & White Dog

Bosley and Michelle are having a lot of fun! He has been winning well at UKA and is currently G6 KC :-)
Bosley is working large height in agility


Aviary Inferno (Pip) - Black & White Dog

Pip and Rosalind do not compete - Pip is a much loved active companion, and loves his obedience and agility training! Who knows, one day Rosalind may decide to do a round of Pre-beginner with him! I have seen him work and Im sure he would do very well :-)
Pip would measure large for agility


Aviary Pyrotechnic (Tassie) - Black & White Bitch

Tassie lives with Lisa, she is from our fabulous Wren/Kodi litter. She is an absolute star of a dog, so keen to work at anything, but a lovely easy, soft dog at home. She is very serious and loves to be out working with you, she is easy to train, being smart and biddable. Tass was also a fantastic mother and produced two litters for us, and one for Lisa. She is mother of my gorgeous Tyke, and also to our beautiful girl Faith.
Tassie is clear by parentage of CEA/CH CL and TNS, and DNA tested clear of IGS,MDR1,SN and BCG.
She had unaffected clinical eye exams and also an unaffected Goniscopy exam.
Her hips are 5:5.


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