Aero x Tassie 13/07/15



**This is not an Aviary litter, they are bred by Lisa, who owns Tass!**

When Lisa asked for some help with breeding from Tass, we were, of course, very happy to help. We chose a super stud dog for Tassie, who's breeding we know very well and love his parents/grandparents - Aero is related to Teal and Chewy. Thanks to all their owners for some lovely photos!

Lisa chose an 'adventurer' theme for their names :-) 

Cappucino Pioneer (Floki) - Red Merle Dog

Floki lives in Portsmouth with Loni  :-) He is large for agility


Merliedog's Dare Devil (Tag) - Blue Merle Dog

Tag lives in Bexhill, with Sharon and younger 1/2 brother DJ. He is G7 and working large height in agility


Silver Innovator (Never) - Blue Merle Dog

Never lives with our friends Kathryn, Ian and Verity, he is the sire of our own fabulous 'Super' litter with Tweed :-)
Never would be large for agility :-) 


Trail Blazer (Merlot) - Red and White Dog

Merlot lives with friends Karen and family, who have Buzz from us :-) He is measured intermediate for agility


Treasure Seeker (Ebbie) - Black and White Bitch

Ebbie is an average size girl (she would measure intermediate) and is beautifully well made. She is a typical BC, with strong eye, she is quite a serious little girl, but loads of fun, very quick to learn and loves to be kept busy! She is sweet natured, and loves everyone.
She has had a gorgeous litter here with Bruce, 4 stunning pups, all of which are looking fantastic!

She is clear by parentage of CEA/CH, CL and TNS, and DNA tested clear for IGS,MDR1,SN and BCG.
She is BVA eye tested unaffected and also has an unaffected Gonioscopy exam (27/6/17).
Her hips are 7:6


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